Is He In You? Let Him Out!


Just like a sponge soaks up water, God has made us much the same way.  He wants us to soak up all the good things that He gives to us, but He also wants us to give them back away like a river of water flowing out of our life.  Everyday, people should be able to see Jesus coming out of our lives as we LET HIM OUT!

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Product Description


IS HE IN YOU? LET HIM OUT! Curriculum Bundle –  This five lesson series was designed for a VBS format, but can be used for children’s church or any other children’s ministry setting.   All content is editable and includes:

1. 5 Complete Lessons

  • Forgiveness – “I can forgive others because I am forgiven.”
  • Love – “I can love others because I am loved.”
  • Serving – “I can serve others because Jesus serves me.”
  • Salvation – “I can reach others because I have been reached.”
  • Eternal Life – “I can live for Jesus because Jesus lives in me.”

2. 5 Daily Formats and PowerPoints

3. Extreme Games

4. Rescue Man Skits

5. Various Optional Content… and more


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