Operation Salvation


In “OPERATION SALVATION: God always comes to the rescue!” your kids will learn of 5 pictures of salvation through Jesus in the Old Testament.  This theme is highly evangelistic and helps kids understand God’s plan of salvation found all throughout the Bible.

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Product Description


OPERATION SALVATION Curriculum Bundle – This five lesson series was designed for a VBS format, but can be used for children’s church or any other children’s ministry setting.   All content is editable and includes:

1. 5 Complete Lessons

  • The Innocent Lamb – BIG IDEA: “Every person in the world is a sinner.”

  • Noah’s Ark – BIG IDEA: “The world needs a way to be saved from sin.”  

  • The Passover Lamb – BIG IDEA: “Jesus is the only One who could die for our sins.”

  • The Sacrifice of Isaac – BIG IDEA: “Jesus willingly gave His life for our sin.”  

  • The Brass Serpent – BIG IDEA: “God will save you, if you look to Jesus.”   

2. 5 Daily Formats and PowerPoints

3. Games

4. Song Ideas and Visuals

5. Rescue Man Skits

6. Various Optional Content… and more


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