Satan has our children in the cross hairs.  So expose him for who he truly is with TARGETED – “Telling God’s Truth About Satan’s Lies.”   Help your kids understand some of Satan’s biggest lies compared against God’s ultimate truth!

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TARGETED Curriculum Bundle – “Telling God’s Truth About Satan’s Lies.”  This five lesson series was designed for a VBS format, but can be used for children’s church or any other children’s ministry setting.   All content is editable and includes:

1. 5 Complete Lessons     

  • Lie #1: It doesn’t really matter what I believe.
  • Lie #2: It’s not really wrong as long as I don’t get caught.  
  • Lie #3: Once I have it all I’ll be happy.  
  • Lie #4: I can be friends with the wrong people and still do the right things.  
  • Lie #5: I’m not that bad of a person.  

2. 5 Daily Formats and PowerPoints

3. Games

4. Song Ideas and Visuals

5. Rescue Man Skits

6. Various Optional Content… and more


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